Tuesday, 28 January 2014

With your humongous backpacks and fear in my eyes .

It’s the first day off school you wake up so excited I can’t even settle you.  You proceed to get everything organised  and get dressed in your baggy clown pants and take your tablet
We walk to school your backpack is so huge it hits you in the legs: D and you walk a funny walk but there is no way you will let me carry it. We get there and we have to go to your brothers class first .  You tell me no more photos mummy we make it to your classroom you run straight in there you go straight to the teacher put your nametag on smile and wave to me and then sit down happy as a pig in mud I wasn’t so happy My tiny Little Oakley in prep. It is going to be quiet without you buddy.

I come to pick you up the teacher said you had a great day and I could hear kids calling you in the playground . I am so very glad you had a good day seems I was worried for nothing

Tallisen we walk to your class you look as sad and scared as always  you finally made it to grade 1 after two whole years of prep.
While we are waiting
ME: hey TJ do you know that girl over their
TJ: No
ME: are you sure she was in your class last year
You just wanted to stay with me and hold my hand and shrink behind Haylens ‘pram for a second Im worried that this isn’t going to go right .  When we get inside the classroom is very loud and busy you say Mum I’m going to sit on the carpet while you organise my books.  That was fine by me  my not so Mr independent

Turns out you also had a wonderful day  How could I ask for anything more