Friday, 3 January 2014


I thought It would be good for me  to start a blog so here goes

This is going to be all about me my husband and my 3 little boys and everything that goes with being a SAHM.

My boys are  TJ 7 , oaks 5, and  hay 16  months
TJ has ADHD , autism , OCD, CD, and ODD ,hypothyroidism ,and eye problems(astigmatisms both eyes short and long sighted) as well as 17q12 chromosome deletion

Oak has ADHD, autism ,and 17q12  he was also born with a twisted bowel which at some stage I will write about

Hay is medically fine as far as I know

This yr will be interesting as my boys start grade 1 and prep :)

hope to see you around
thanks for reading

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